Ownership disclosure

TelosGermany is a fully self-funded block producer. We are not controlled or influenced by any external party. Any changes in this regard will be made public via our website. The ownership is divided as follows:
Stefan Wahl - 60% of ownership
Andre Litty - 30% of ownership
Wibke Baudach - 5% of ownership
Ralf Weinand - 5% of ownership

Why TelosGermany?

TelosGermany Telos Germany Benefits

Your Benefits

TelosGermany connects you with the community, gives you support and informs you about future events and dates on the topics of Telos.

TelosGermany Telos Germany Experience


With years of experience in the cryptocurrency business, we're excited to bring in our ideas and expertise to the Telos project to make it a full success.

TelosGermany Telos Germany Testnet Blockproducer


We have been successfully set our network up and running on both, Telos Mainnet with two nodes and Telos Testnet with one node.

TelosGermany Telos Germany Development TelosToolkit


Not enough we're bringing in infrastructure and knowledge, we'll also contribute to Telos with software. We developed a web portal capable of dealing with all activities related to TLOS, see TelosPortal.

The Team

All of us are Crypto enthusiasts with years of experience and strong knowledge in different segments of Information Technology like infrastructure, programming, and cloud. Together we bring it to more than 50 years of experience, even though we're still a young team.

TelosGermany Telos Germany Team Stefan

Stefan - Infrastructure Expert: Stefan is specialized in infrastructure administration and virtualization. With more than 15 years of experience, Stefan has comprehensive knowledge in different segments of Information Technologies. Stefan believes in the success of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and dApps. Connect with Stefan on LinkedIn.

TelosGermany Telos Germany Team Andre

Andre - Development & Webteam: Many years of experience in any kind of web and mobile development makes Andre our lead programmer and head of the software team. Currently, he is involved in the development of an open source wallet and TelosToolkit to make it easier to manage your TLOS. Connect with Andre on LinkedIn.

TelosGermany Telos Germany Team Wibke

Wibke - Content & Webteam: Wibke has a sense for details and design, besides all kinds of developing tasks, she can visualize everything. Although she is a blockchain newcomer, she is excited to support a great project like Telos. Connect with Wibke on LinkedIn.

TelosGermany Telos Germany Team Sebastian

Sebastian - Community Manager & Media Management: Sebastian has been following eos.io ever since the beginning of its ICO & 2 years of experience as community manager as he has been working for MaZee.io and now TelosGermany. He is very passionate about blockchain technology and its benefits, looking forward to future developments and mass adoption. Spreading news about the rapid changes and accomplishments made within the ecosystem is one of his specialties. Connect with Sebastian on LinkedIn.


We are glad not to have just an experienced and motivated team but also a great advisor who helps us to fulfill the requirements to support the Telos Project.

TelosGermany Telos Germany Advisor Ralf

Ralf - Advisor: With over 20 years experience of IT in the banking and insurance industry, Ralf has gained vast experience in architecting, hosting and managing mission-critical SaaS systems.
Ralf is Head of Block Production for GenerEOS on the EOS Mainnet and is advising TelosGermany on any technical aspects to help with a smooth launch of the Telos blockchain. Connect with Ralf on LinkedIn.

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